Innovating to Deliver Eye Care

Previous attempts to provide local eye care services in low-income countries have been largely unsuccessful.

Vision for a Nation has pioneered several innovations in Rwanda to rapidly deliver local eye care services for the entire population – all 11.8 million people.

  1. A new eye care training course that allows general nurses to be trained in just three days (versus 3+ years for an optometrist).
  2. The use of adjustable glasses that focus at the turn of a dial to provide instant vision correction.
  3. A revenue-generating model which allows the MoH to use surplus revenue from the sale of glasses to sustain the services.
  4. The integration of the services into Rwanda’s national health system and health insurance scheme.
  5. Delivery of an unprecedented outreach campaign to all 15,000 villages in Rwanda.
  6. Results-based financing from USAID Development Innovation Ventures.

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“Vision for a Nation, a UK-based charity, has distributed innovative adjustable glasses for those with visual impairments in Rwanda. The glasses cost just £1 for patients, and are giving some of the world’s poorest people back their sight.”

Penny Mordaunt MP, Former UK Secretary of State for International Development

Adjustable glasses