VFAN team member elected as President of Opticians Association in Ghana

Mr. Isaac Donkor, an Eye Health Officer in the VFAN Ghana team has been elected as the President of the Ghana Association of Opticians at its recently held conference in Kumasi. Isaac joined VFAN in September 2019 from the Ghana Red Cross Health Services where he spent 15 years working as Optician and later their Eye Care Services Manager in the city of Sunyani in the then Brong Ahafo region of Ghana with operational coverage of the Upper East Region of the country.

Beyond Isaac´s recent appointment, he also works within VFAN´s Eye Health Team to train Ghana Health Service staff to be able to deliver Primary Eye Care services within the government´s health care system. His new role as President of the Opticians Association of Ghana will throw more light onto his work with VFAN and will put him in an even better position to advocate for access to affordable, quality eye care services in Ghana, a vision VFAN shares. Isaac holds a bachelor and master’s degrees in Public Health and has received training in optics in both Ghana and India.

Isaac is picutured top left. Below is the wider VFAN Ghana team in Accra which is headed up by our Country Director, Robert Alibo. More details on our Senior Management Team can be seen here.

Isaac Donkor
Ghana team