Stories from the Field

Our time spent in the field gives us a unique perspective on the impact of restored sight on ordinary people. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.

Constazia's Story

At the age of 38, Constazia lost her husband and one of their six children during the genocide. She and her other five children survived together, rebuilding their lives incrementally over the past 21 years. about 3 years ago,

Constazia’s vision started to fail her, eventually getting so severe that she was unable to see who was coming right in front of her.

“I thought ‘I am going to be blind forever.’ ” Glasses improved her sight immediately. “These glasses will be so helpful to me… I am so happy to feel more independent again.”

Veneranda's Story

A few years ago, Veneranda began experiencing vision problems, which first manifested as an “endless headache.”

Soon she was unable to mend clothes for her children, and her vision became so poor that she could no longer cook for her family, and was housebound after dark.

Glasses have transformed her life: “These glasses will help me a lot, and I will greatly benefit from having improved vision; all my days and my life will be different.”

Pascal's Story

Pascal is one of the nurses working at Mukono Health Centre.

Until recently, he had not received training in eye care and was unable to provide treatment to those in need. Vision for a Nation training has allowed pascal to screen patients and provide on-the spot medication and glasses.

He says: “When patients have had poor vision for a long time and then I give them glasses, it is like I am witnessing miracle after miracle…”.